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5-course baroque guitar, stringlength 690mm. 

top - norwegian spruce

sides - walnut

back - cypress with maple strips

neck - spruce with ebony covering

bridge - pear

rose - 4 level doble sheep skin parchment

This guitar is made with careful attention to building style of the Voboam; lightweight neck, thin ribs and a thick back. Delievered with Aquila NNG and a octavated 4th course. PM for details and price.

 BAROQUE GUITAR after Jean Voboam (Paris 1699)                      

RENESSAINCE GUITAR after Belchior Dias (Lisboa 1581)              

4-course guitar, stringlength 550mm.

top - norwegian spruce

back and sides - kingwood

neck - ash

bridge - walnut

rose - 3-layered parchment

Small guitar with incredible volume made with the famous double-bend back in Kingwood, as on the original made by Dias. A great instrument for rythmic continuo accompaniment to voice or ensemble and interpretation of the vast renessaince guitar repertoire. A very special instrument. 

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Professional guitar with a bevelled armrest and palmaway. Soundport in the upper side is covered qith a little double-layered parchment rose. 650mm stringlenght and a standard 52-61mm neckwidth. Cedartop coupled with a beautiful fsc mongoy. Balanced and responsive with volume.   

CLASSICAL GUITAR cedar/mongoy                                            

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